Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Frolics, Volume 18: The Arlington Rap

The link to this video was emailed to me this time last week by my friend and Shedd's Spot regular reader, Sam. Since then, it's been emailed to me at least half a dozen more times and five of my Facebook friends have posted on Facebook. I was told by another friend the video even got some play on the local NBC affiliate's evening news telecast. So, needless to say, it's caused quite a stir among those who live in Arlington now and those who grew up there.

Personally, I think the video is hilarious because it makes fun of one of Arlington's biggest problems, the self absorbed twenty and thirty something residents and all the "upscale" businesses they support. Within the first couple of days of watching this, I witnessed four people pushing elevator buttons that were already lit and saw more brown flip fops than I could count. Some of my friends who live in L.A., lower Arlington, were quick to point out that it appears as if the video was shot completely in north Arlington along the Wilson Blvd. corridor and that lower Arlington, and its residents, shouldn't be lumped in with generalizations about other half of the county. That may be true for now, but a change is coming.

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