Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm starting to think I should post weekly links to Dave McKenna's weekly "Cheap Seats" column in the Washington City Paper. McKenna seems to have it in for Dan Snyder and his money grubbing tactics more than I do. McKenna's latest column focuses on Snyder's use of adding "parking fees" to ticket prices for non-Redskin events at FedEx field.

The Washington Nationals announced recently the team had made a record breaking offer to Stephen Strasburg, the number one overall pick in this year's amateur baseball draft. That would mean the offer is more than the $10.5 million the Cubs gave to Mark Prior in 2001. I bolded amateur above to indicate Strasburg has never thrown a pitch above the college level. Still, his agent, Scott Boras, thinks Strasburg is worthy of the type of money paid to established veterans, although Boras may be the only one who believes that. I think many true Nationals fans, and I'm one of them, are to the point where it wouldn't bother us if the Nationals tell Boras and Strasburg to f**k off. Nationals color commentator Rob Dibble had this to say directly to Strasburg via Dibble's MASN blog and I think it summarizes the siutation fairly well. (Dibble reiterated these views during the broadcast of Saturday's Nationals-Reds game, using Drew Storen's negotiations with the Nationals as an example of what a young player should do once drafted.) The deadline for signing Strasburg, and all other 2009 draft picks, is today. My hope is that, if Strasburg doesn't sign, none of Boras' other clients are signed (he is the agent for 5 of the top 13 picks including the top 3) and that Boras loses credibility with amatuer players going forward.

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