Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Minefield of Modern Dating

A couple of years back, Shedd's Spot's west coast bureau chief, M.K., sent me this link to a snipet on The Atlantic's website entitled "The Date from Hell". After reading the piece and LOLing (geez, I hate that term but sometimes it is actually the truth and appropriate), I considered posting a link to it as part of my Friday Frolics series. But, then I thought I'd wait and use it as an introduction to a post on dating in 2008. (Yes, I've sat on this link that long.) Well, I never could bring myself to write a post on my dating life and my friends probably wouldn't appreciate it if I shared their woes here. So instead, I put the idea in the back corner of my brain and waited until I had more outside material/links to share in a post on dating.

If you haven't yet clicked on "The Date from Hell" link, here's a brief summary (but do read it!). The piece was actually taken from Craigslist. It details a date, from the guy's perspective, between a guy and gal who met in a bar. The piece goes into painstaking details about the girl's love of herself and how important she thinks every detail of her life is. The date eventually leads to nothing except for a comic relief on the internet.

To be fair to the gentler sex, many of my female friends have similar complaints about the guys they meet and eventually go on dates with. Usually, the guys are self absorbed and want to show how important and busy they are. That complaint seems even more prevalent here in the D.C. area, where everyone wants to feel important. Maybe that's why I find the concept of the Washington Post Magazines's "Date Lab" so rediculous, yet comical. The Date Lab takes applicants from the D.C. Metro area, matches them up, and sends them out an expense paid blind date. In return, the applicants agree to be interviewed by a Post writer the next day in order for the Date Lab entry to be written. The participants also agree to have their name, age and photos published in the paper. To me, Date Lab is sort of a technological step back from the days of Chuck Woolery hosting Love Connection. I've read several of the Date Lab features and my usual reaction is "are you for real?". Check out a few Date Lab entries and see what you think.

Finally, a female friend of mine who moved from Madison Wisconsin to New York City a while back has told me about a few of the awful dates she has had since the move. I won't repeat any of her stories here, but she has mentioned a few of them are candidates to show up on My Very Worst Date. If you think your dating life is awful, just read a few of these stories.

Happy dating and as Chuck Woolery used to say, "we're back in two and two."

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