Tuesday, May 26, 2009


First up, it seems that now that my friend Steve Tuttle has been ragged on a bit on CMT's website because of his Newsweek piece criticizing modern country music, he has been paying attention to CMT.com. Steve sent me this blurb on Nashville's premiere bluegrass club, the Station Inn, opening a barbecue joint.

Last week, Shedd's Spot's Richmond correspondent, "J.D.", sent me this AP piece about a man being shot in a Waffle House after complaining about his food. While searching for more info on the shooting, I came accross a whole slew of info on late night happenings at Waffle Houses, including this security camera video of a late night brawl.

"J.D." also sent in this piece about an attempt, and the related documentary, to get the Kinks to reunite.

Finally, my friend "Vern" was headed home from church a couple of weeks back when he saw Kenny Powers, or at least a damn fine Powers impersonator, in the church parking lot. Good to see KP may be trying to change his ways. He was on his way into church when Vern's wife snapped this picture

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