Monday, September 14, 2009


When I first saw this sign Saturday morning I thought to myself "that sign could be taken three ways". Unfortunately, 7-11 intended it in the least interesting of the three, a free coffee sample.

A few weeks back, "J.D." sent me this link to RunPee's website. RunPee is an application for iPhones that tells the user the best time to use the restroom during movies. Here's "J.D."'s commentary on the application.

There's a site called that can be downloaded on the iPhone that tells you the best point in a movie to run out for a bathroom break if that XXL soda is aching to be set free. Something like "46 minutes in when George Clooney gets out of the car, you have 90 seconds before he starts nailing the chick". And when you return, it will tell you what you missed. Pretty neat idea, but I was particularly amused today when I found out the app was created by Carson Palmer.

And finally, most D.C. area sports fans were all over the Washington Post pieces a couple of weeks back about the Washington Redskins suing club level ticket holders who had defaulted on their contracts and the mystery surrounding how tickets were leaving the Skins tickets office and going straight to ticket brokers instead of being sold directly to fans. Dave McKenna has some follow up here in a recent Washington City Paper blog entry.

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