Monday, September 21, 2009

Quickies...Well Not Really

Today's Quickies post comes to you from Austin, Texas, where yesterday, I started my 2nd Annual Beer, BBQ & Tunes vacation. With the vacation comes my 2nd Annual You Could Win a Prize at My Expense Contest where my friends take guesses at how much weight I'll gain or lose on my trip. All the proceeds go to benefit the Good Sports of Arlington scholarship Fund.

I'm beginning to think someone is trying to send me some sort of message during this trip. Yesterday morning, I was picked up by for my ride to the airport by a cab driver of Middle Eastern descent who blasting Christian rock in his cab. Then, when I opened the back cover AmericanWay, the American Airlines in flight magazine, to see a map of American's Dallas terminal, I found this article first. It's a story on the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church Barbecue in Huntsville, Texas, and the Barbecue's founder, Annie Mae Ward. Finally, as a long day was winding down last night at the Mean Eyed Cat in Austin, I noticed the stone in the picture above in the floor of the bar. There's nothing like drinking a PBR in bar named after a Johnny Cash song that was built on the site of a church.

In between a large lunch at the County Line BBQ and that last PBR at the Mean Eyed Cat, was a lot live music and Shiner at the Continental Club. The show featured several bands. (The poster in the picture shows the line up.) Closing act Rick Broussard and Two Hoots and a Holler put on a great set mixing some classic country shuffles with original rockers and country shuffles of their own.

It's time to wrap up this post and head south to Lockhart for some more 'Q. Photos from Day 1 can be found here.

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