Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Time Killers: The West Va. Music Hall of Fame

(Shedd's spot has been on hiatus again because of work. I hope I can get things cranked back up and keep it going.)

During past visits to West Virginia, I've made posts that jump all over the place. So, I think I'll keep this on one subject, the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame.

A couple of weeks back, the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame inducted its third class of honorees. Among the class were country pioneers the Bailes Brothers and country singer Hawkshaw Hawkins. Over the years, there were four Bailes brothers who performed at different times, in different combinations as the Bailes Brothers. Of the four, only Homer Bailes, age 87, is alive today. At the time this Charleston Gazette piece was written, Homer Bailes was en route from his home in Louisiana back to West Virginia for the Hall of Fame ceremony. So, most of the article's quotes on the Bailes Brothers came from Bailes' daughter. Here is my favorite quote from the daughter:

They were all ornery. They were whoremongers and alcoholics, but they loved each other, and they loved the music.

It won't probably surprise you Homer Bailes became a preacher later on in his life. Those sort of things happen a lot in country music.

I posted this Shedd's Spot piece back in March that features a video of Hawkshaw Hawkins performing "Car Hoppin' Mama" and you can read more about Hawkins in this recent Charleston Gazette article.

You can read more about the Bailes Brothers, Hawkins and the rest of 2009 class here.

One final note about the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame. You shouldn't believe all the inductees were/are country performers. The Hall has also inducted Polka King Frank Yankovic and Chuck Berry's long time pianist Johnnie Johnson.

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