Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Frolics, Volume 1: "I Didn't Wanna Mess Up My Weave"

This is the first entry in my new series of Friday posts intended to start the weekend of with a laugh. How appropriate it involves one of my all time favorite comedians, Robin Harris, and a real life version of one of his jokes.

I checked my emails this morning and found an email from Facebook notifying me that my friend "J.D." in Richmond had invited me to join I Was Smoking Me A Drank...The Robin Harris Fan Club on Facebook. Way back when, on his classic CD Bebe's Kids, Harris joked that he only messed around with ugly women because good looking women were too much trouble. Then he told about all the times he saw a guy walk out of a hotel with a "pissed off" look on his face because the guy's woman couldn't go at it right because she didn't want to mess up her weave.

Well, a little while after reading the invite from "J.D.", I saw a story on the channel 5 morning news that proves life can sometimes imitate comedy...sort of. It seems a Kansas City woman named Briana Bonds was shot at by her ex-boyfriend while leaving a convienence store Tuesday night. Miraculously, the one accurate shot the ex-boyfriend got off was stopped in its tracks by Briana's tightly wound hair weave. I guess her ex-boyfriend was intent on messing up her weave one way or another, either in bed or with a bullet. Read more about it and watch the story from a Kansas City television station here.

1 comment:

  1. The video clip is high comedy, especially the part where anchorman Mark Clegg (who himself sports a rather impenetrable looking helmet of hair) earnestly intones "... and she credits her hair weave with making all the difference."


    Clegg (affecting a puzzled expression): "Did she say they had a long contentious relationship or anything?"

    Intrepid on-the-scene reporter Lisa Benson (paraphrasing): "Uh ... no ... they had a good relationship for about eight months, and I guess last night he decided he wanted to get back with her."

    1. Have you seen a photo of this guy, Mark Clegg? I'm 95% sure that any relationship with him lasting more than three minutes is likely to become "contentious".

    2. Do you think Clegg ever slips into disconsolate reverie while sitting at his anchorman desk? Like, what am I doing with my life? What does it all mean? How did I get to the point where my job is to inform the public about hair weaves stopping bullets?