Friday, March 27, 2009

A Post That Is All Things West Virginia

Shedd's Spot will be reporting from the Mountain State for the next couple of days beginning this evening. Meanwhile, here are some entertaining tidbits from the state that gave us the Exalted Cyclops, Senator Robert C. Byrd.

First off, WV beer blogger Rich Ireland doesn't want Yuengling "imported" into his state. Read about it here.

I know this sort of weird stuff happens everywhere, but when a stepmom gets busy with her stepson it's headline news, like this story, in West Virginia because there aren't always other things to report on. Be sure to check out the mugshot. And, let us not forget about the middle school teacher who had a thing for one of her students. Here is a blurb about it. Although Shedd's Spot is following a story on an escaped fugitive for a later post, I'll end the police blotter part of this entry with this short piece on a cock fighting ring being busted. One reader suggests cock fighting should be a felony, then another reader follows with "felonious cockfighting...has quite a ring to it.".....classic.

But, let's not have this post cast an entirely negative light on West Virginia. Two friends and I will be entering, as a team, the Great Greenbrier River Race at the end of April. The race is a fundraiser that helps keep up the Greenbrier River Trail.

If you ever happen to be passing thru Craigsville, WW, stop and have a meal at the Ranch House Restaurant. You can't go wrong there.

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