Monday, March 23, 2009


First off, the March 23rd edition of Sports Illustrated reports Kellogs recently donated 3800 pounds of Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes to the San Francisco Food Bank. Does it surprise any of us all the boxes containing the cereal had Michael Phelps' face plastered on them? I wonder if Phelps is going donate anything to help the folks who receive the cereal work up an appetite?

Shedd Spot's west coast bureau sent in this piece explaining the scam known as the secondary ticket market. The person explaining the scam is Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.

Being a native to the D.C. area, I found these pieces from Saturday's Washington Post very interesting and a reminder of the days when folks close in remembered there was a different world just a short drive away. The first piece was on the statues of Conferderate soldiers located in various towns and cities in Virginia. Surprisingly, the article says there isn't an effort underway to remove them. The second piece was on the latest plan to save the oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay and how the states of Maryland and Virginia can't agree if this latest plan is the correct course of action. An interesting and sad fact from the piece is that the oyster population is estimated to now be at 1% of its all time high.

Finally, I really debated including this link to a blog ragging my friend Steve Tuttle's Newsweek piece about how Steve's parents live in a frugal manner. The blog writer seems to think Steve is a "typical member of the liberal news media". Steve must be if works for Newsweek, right? Boy, if that blogger only knew. And nevermind the fact Steve's dad, "Big" Bill, is truly an old school conservative. I guess some folks always have to find something to be unhappy about and that blogger is no exception.


  1. So the secondary tickey market is a scam? Haven't you engaged in this scam yourself? I hope you've seen the light. JD

  2. Guilty as charged, although I have not engaged in the manner described in the piece.

  3. I love how the comments on the blog criticizing the Tuttle's thriftiness so quickly descends into the usual "you're not as conservative or as ill-suited to leave your computer as me and you suck" tomfoolery. Bunch o' dorks.