Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This week's Quickies post is a day or so late, so let's get to it.

First, my friend Steve Tuttle has this essay on Newsweek's website on the trying times he and his family had when his father lost his job in the late 60's.

Second, according to The Washington Post, Fox is refusing to air President Obama's upcoming prime-time news conference. But, although you may think the decsion is politically motivated, it appears the decision is not. According to the Post article, the four major networks have lost $10 million in advertising revenue since the Obama administration came into office because of airing prime-time speeches and news conferences as requested by the White House.

Finally, I read in today's Washington Post "matchmaker" Tommy Curtis is reviving his Yacht Club nights at the Doubletree Hotel in Bethesda. You can read the piece here.

I'll readily admit I never attended any of these events aimed at the 35 & up singles crowd, nor did I want to, during their heyday back in the 90s. I was younger and just seeing Curtis and listening to his annoying voice on the late night TV commericals shot at his events were enough to make me want to b*tch slap him. But, there was one thing I always found curious about these events. The dress code was upscale, suits & ties for men and nice dresses for women. I had a co-worker at the CPA firm where I worked in the early 90s named Cheryl who attended these events most every week. Some of my co-workers and I just called her 70s woman because she always wore clothing that looked like she had purchased it in the 70's (I assume she had). Plus, she had long, straight hair that was parted right down the middle. She definitely was in need of a visit from the crew of What Not to Wear. Yet, she was always going out with guys she met at these events. Of course, I'm thinking that was because, under the 70s wardrobe and hairdo, was a very nice body. Go figure, no matter the times or the setting, some things never change.

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