Saturday, April 4, 2009

So Long Cerphe

As I was heading to last night's Gourds show at the State Theater, the friend riding with me told be about the demise of D.C.'s classic rock radio station, WTGB The Globe. The station is switching formats and with that comes the end of DJ Cerphe Colwell's run at the station. I'll readily admit I didn't listen to very many of the stations Ceprhe worked at, other than WHFS back in its classic no format days. But, Cerphe not coming accross the airwaves signals yet another window to D.C.'s rich musical heritage being shut. Just the other day, I was listening to the Nighthawks' Ten Years Live CD. The album was recorded live at the Bayou in December 1982 and Cerphe made the band introduction that marks the beginning of the album. This front page article from today's Washington Post appropriately summarizes Cerphe's career here in the National Capital Area.

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