Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shaq Man Love Incident Effects Caron Butler's Thinking

Let me qualify what I'm about to write by saying Caron Butler is my favorite Washington Wizard. He plays hard every night and is great in the community. With that said, I think the kiss Shaq laid on Caron last night effected his thinking about how good he actually his. In post game comments last night regarding being left off the NBA East All Star Team, Caron said this:

I know it's only a couple of guys, from an individual standpoint, that have done what I've done over the course of the last couple of years -- Kobe Bryant, myself and LeBron James. I know that team winning percentage [is important], but if you're going to reward an individual, I should be on that team.

Again, I think Caron is great. But, he isn't Kobe or LeBron. And, we all know the Wizards aren't the Lakers or the Cavaliers.

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  1. "Caron's head looks like a tennis ball in Shaq's mouth ..."

    Wait, what?