Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Third Super Team Arrives in Tampa

A third team of pros is arriving in Tampa and, no, they're not coming from Arizona or Pennsylvania. Some members of this team are coming from Vegas and one claims to be coming from Dartmouth College. Who are they? They are strippers...I mean...exotic dancers...who are arriving in Tampa this week to help all those super visitors liberate some cash in the Tampa area's numerous gentlemen's clubs.

Here are two articles on the situtation. The first is from the AP and is very news like. Read it here. The second is from The St. Petersburg Times. It digs a little further into the "business" aspects of Tampa's adult entertainment scene, discussing cover charges & escort services and even quotes a pole dance instructor named Nikita Cash and the publisher of NightMoves magazine. Read that article here.

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  1. From the St. Pete times:

    "Now and then, someone must polish the pole."